COVID-19: Job Search Survey of Employers

The current job market has been drastically altered by the coronavirus pandemic. Employers across all industries have had to reassess their business, and much of this reevaluation involves how to handle the hiring process in today’s environment.

Resume Writing Services has recently administered a survey of 154 employers in order to both understand how their hiring practices have changed during the pandemic and collect any advice they may have for job seekers during this period of time.

Covid19 job search survey of employers booklet

This survey is meant to help job seekers gain more insight into how to adapt their job search strategy in a COVID world.

For this study, we surveyed hiring managers at 154 distinct small and medium-sized businesses. Because of the nature of some of the questions on the survey, we selected only businesses whose employees primarily worked in an office environment, as opposed to businesses whose employees primarily worked in non-office environments (such as many manufacturing, construction, landscaping, or mining companies).

The online survey contained 11 multiple-choice questions and one open-ended question regarding the hiring practices at the respondent’s firm. Each participant provided their responses without any interference or additional clarification on our part. Below, we have shared the aggregated results for each of the multiple-choice questions, as well as the most popular responses and their corresponding response rates for the final, open-ended question.

Have you eliminated any positions within your firm specifically because of the impact the coronavirus has had on your company or industry?

Have you created any new job positions specifically because of the impact the coronavirus has had on your company or industry?

Have you been receiving more, fewer, or roughly the same number of job applications during the pandemic?

Have your hiring standards increased, decreased, or remained roughly the same during the pandemic?

Are you allowing your employees to work remotely during the pandemic?

If you are currently allowing your employees to work remotely, will you continue to let them do so after the pandemic ends?

Are you open to hiring remote employees who would want to continue to work remotely 100% of the time even after the pandemic ends?

How much of an impact does prior experience working remotely have when you assess job candidates during the pandemic?

Would you recommend that job candidates specifically address on their job application how they would adapt to the pandemic as an employee?

Are you more or less inclined to hire job candidates who have already caught and recovered from COVID-19?

If someone has already caught and recovered from COVID-19, would you recommend that they mention this fact either on their job application or during job interviews?

List out any pieces of advice that you have for job seekers during the pandemic.